Logo lockup of Silicon Valley Bank and Decentriq.

Today we announce our USD 5 million venture debt funding from Silicon Valley Bank UK. We are very proud to receive Silicon Valley Bank’s trust and their support on our ambitions and helping us deliver our future growth plans.

We will use the investment to continue building the Switzerland of Data – a neutral ground for data collaboration, which is secure and confidential. Our data clean rooms are powered by confidential computing, which also Microsoft heavily invests on. If you want to know what makes our data clean rooms the most privacy and security preserving ones in the market, have a look at our trust page.

Lately there have been collaborations with Decentriq with multiple media and pharma companies, two sectors we are  growing in. Read about the collaborations we have with Roche and Ringier in the Microsoft blog or as well as the one with Goldbach.

Looking to gain more insight into secure data collaboration and how we can enable your ecosystem? Contact Decentriq today.