We’re proud to have been a part of Kisaco Research’s Secure and Private Compute Summit in early-July, and were glad to see companies like Accenture, Roche Diagnostics, and Bank of Montreal at this event!

As the first ever summit focusing on privacy-enhancing computation solutions, we were keen to not only share our perspectives through our two speaking sessions, but also to meet with other experts and partners in this space.

Across this 3-day summit, we had valuable opportunities to learn more about the current market landscape for privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) such as confidential computing. We would like to share our three key takeaways from this summit.

1. Industry interest in PETs is high and growing.

Businesses are increasingly interested in new end-use-cases for PETs, such as the possibilities of utilizing PETs to leverage data previously not possible, or how PETs can increase security and privacy for existing applications.

Despite this growing interest, however, the distinction between different types of PETs, such as trusted execution environments (TEEs), secure multiparty computation (SMPC) and fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), can still be unclear.

2. Trusted execution environments (TEEs) have emerged as the industry-standard for encryption in-use.

While there was significant interest around other PETs, such as FHE, these different technologies were often compared with TEEs.

Discussions around TEEs were also at a more advanced stage as compared to the other PETs, often centering around potential use-cases and real-world implementation of TEEs.

3. Education around confidential computing is maturing

There was more education into the practical use-cases of various PETs, as companies sought to push these new technologies out of the academic space and into the business realm.

There was also a greater emphasis on product demos of the practical applications of confidential computing as well as use-case presentations, which are key to driving adoption of such technologies at scale.

We were thrilled to have presented some of our use-cases with Microsoft, PostFinance and LynxCare. You can re-watch our sessions below!

Presentation with LynxCare

How to Unlock Sensitive Healthcare Data to Drive Real-World Evidence Collaborations Between Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Companies

Panel with Microsoft and PostFinance

Confidential Computing - Enabling Data Use Cases Previously Not Possible

We’re excited about the possibilities of privacy-enhancing computation solutions like confidential computing, and we look forward to furthering these discussions at future events and summits!

If you would like to find out how confidential computing and data clean rooms can work for your business, reach out to us for a quick chat!