Decentriq’s technology allows companies across industries to collaborate on first-party data safely, securely, and in the most privacy-compliant way. But how does it all work “under the hood”?

The answer to this question can be found in our technical Whitepaper, which we are now releasing in its most updated version.

The new Whitepaper covers all of the technical advances we have made since March 2021, when the previous Whitepaper was released. The most significant change in this new version is our brand new architecture that combines multiple Confidential Computing technologies together to enable features such as Data Clean Room interactivity, out of the box Python and R workflows, unstructured data support, and Synthetic data generation.

Offering all these new features while still being able to give our security and privacy guarantees requires constant innovation on every part of our platform. The new Whitepaper is part of our continuous effort to transparently communicate how we do this, but also to refine and explain more in depth what those guarantees mean for our users.

So, if you are curious to understand all the technical details about how Decentriq enables secure data collaboration through confidential computing, the new Whitepaper is the perfect document to find answers to all of your questions, and a great supporting material to share internally with your technical security team.

If you are interested in getting a copy, reach out to us.