Logo lockup of Ringier, Roche, Decentriq and Microsoft

The exponential growth of datasets has resulted in growing scrutiny of how data is exposed and shared – both from a data privacy and compliance perspective. In this context, confidential computing becomes an important tool to help Swiss organizations like Ringier and Roche meet their privacy and security needs surrounding business and end customer data.

“These technologies would allow us on a local level to do something we couldn’t do before by leveraging info from data in data clean rooms. This could add value not only to our research but also to build trust in how we do it by protecting patient’s privacy” Valentina Ranghetti (Roche).

“Confidential computing and data clean rooms present us with a great chance to exchange information in a legal, efficient and effective way” Zhao Wang (Ringier AG).

“Just as HTTPS has become pervasive for protecting data during internet web browsing, here at Azure, we believe that confidential computing will be a necessary ingredient for all computing infrastructure” Mark Russinovich (Microsoft).