We are honored to win the "start-up" category at eco:// award 2020, hosted by Eco - Association of the Internet Industry.

"This year the internet has shown more than ever how indispensable it is for our society and the world of work in crisis situations," says Oliver Süme, chairman of the Eco association. "The eco: // award therefore honors solutions and personalities this year who promote the further development of the Internet in a responsible and outstanding manner. "

Eco is an association focused on driving the development of the Internet industry in Europe. Since 1995, eco has been instrumental in the development of the Internet, particularly in Germany, fostering new technologies, infrastructures and markets, and forming framework conditions.

We are humbled and excited to be amongst the winners of this year's awards, others including Microsoft, IBM, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, OVH Cloud and SDC SpaceNet Data Center.