There is a shift towards making digital trust and data collaboration core business priorities. And in that process confidential computing is a real game changer. It's great to see Satya Nadella presenting the fruits of that technology being implemented, and we are glad to be mentioned among the confidential computing solutions presented in the keynote.

Just like the email protocols becoming suddenly widely used some 50 years ago, the confidential computing use-cases of today are disruptive. Swiss enterprises, such as Roche, Ringier, Goldbach and many more around the globe, have already identified the potential of data clean rooms powered by confidential computing, and started employing them.

The Microsoft Ignite keynote outlines the new milestones for Azure confidential computing technology, also in regards to AMD developments. This combination has an incredible potential for data privacy applications, and it is developed just a few months ago. Our team has tested the technical capabilities of this VM-based solution among the first teams on the globe. In the article below we describe how we secured the AMD SEV-SNP early boot, and shifts in the technological mindset that it brings along.