We are happy that the National Center for Cyber Security of the Swiss Federal Government mentioned Decentriq in their latest tech review on Confidential Computing. Decentriq was referred as one of the Swiss companies using this technology.

The report gives a great overview about Confidential Computing as a technology. The NCSC pointed out, that Confidential Computing and corresponding TEEs can make the processing of data more secure and, in the context of cloud computing, also less dependent on the trustworthiness of the cloud providers. This makes the approach interesting for the "Secure Remote Computation" problem and represents an important contribution to improving digital sovereignty in a world increasingly oriented towards cloud computing.

For us at Decentriq, data collaboration should be secure at all times, because our clients collaborate on sensitive datasets. This is why our platform is powered by Confidential Computing and it’s great to see that this technology is becoming more recognized by governments. If you want to know more about our take on security and compliance, feel free to visit our trust page. For the tech review on Confidential Computing by the Swiss Federal Government click here (in German).