Design thinking methods became one of the trendiest innovation tools of the last decades. But, besides using it for business models, did you know you can apply it for your data collaboration strategy too?

Data Collaboration Canvas is the latest tool launched by Decentriq, Comparis, Die Mobiliar, SIX, Swisscom, VNTR Innovation & Venturing and members from the Data Innovation Alliance.

What is the Data Collaboration Canvas?

It is a visual framework that allows users to generate ideas for sharing data across (or within) organizations. It can be used by organizations that want to explore the potential of data innovation with other organizations to create mutual added value.

It’s simple, visual structuring aid can be employed in workshops to identify common potential and hurdles of collaboration, for instance.

Other use cases of the Data Collaboration Canvas include helping in identifying opportunities for data collaboration between companies or within an organization (e.g., between different divisions or departments).

What is the motivation, and what are the benefits of a data collaboration for each party?

Second to the Data Collaboration Canvas documentation, “for a data collaboration to be feasible, all parties must benefit. Possible benefits include monetary compensation, receiving other data in return, the ability to compare one’s data with that of other companies, and an improved process compared to existing solutions. Benefits could also be related to offering customers new or better services and a better image/reputation.”

Data Collaboration Use Case Example. Source: Data Collaboration Canvas

Who’s behind it

Nico Ebert (Program Director MAS Business), Alice Dal Fuoco (Head of Innovation VTNR), and Tim Geppert (ZHAW School of Management and Law & Senior Advisor) are the authors of the Data Collaboration Canvas, which has just been published as part of the joint project between ZHAW School of Management and Law and Data Innovation Alliance. With this strategic management template, endless opportunities for data collaboration can be found in minutes.

Get Instant Access to the Data Collaboration Canvas Now

You can download the full document, with templates and instructions, on the official ZHAW website. Here’s the link to it:

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