It's time to talk about Data Collaboration! That's why will be from 4-6th of April at the PET Summit in Zurich.

From improving patient outcomes to leveraging first-party data for more targeted marketing, data analytics have the power to revolutionize many industries and change people’s lives.

But this power can only be unleashed if data is leveraged in the right way. As the most valuable data is often sensitive and restricted, every industry is facing the same challenge of sharing and collaborating on data in a secure and compliant manner, without ever revealing this sensitive data to the other party or collaborator.

In this panel discussion, you will hear from Decentriq and its partners on the best practices around secure data collaboration for healthcare and advertising data use cases and the added value and insights they have gained from sharing and working on data with their partners in data clean rooms.

► Alice Dal Fuoco, Head of Innovation, PostFinance
► Valentina Ranghetti, Performance & Value Partner - Strategic Insight Manager Ophthalmology & Alzheimer, Roche
► Maximilian Groth, CEO and Co-Founder, Decentriq

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