Title banner with Decentriq branding. Text reads: 7 key actions to generate value with healthcare data

Health data collaboration is reliant on trust. Sooner or later every human relies on healthcare companies making the best use of available patient data, but also preserving the confidentiality and privacy of the sources.

Decentriq was founded on the conviction that data collaboration shouldn't be complicated. Ethical business-to-customer practices can go hand in hand with data-driven efficiency.

Our collaboration with Roche is a live example of how a company can build an ethical "head in the clouds and feet on the ground” data analytics strategy.

Our Co-Founder & CEO Maximilian Groth was interviewed together with Roche's Data Privacy Lead Asad Preuss-Dodhy, on key actions to generate value with healthcare data and how healthcare companies can gain a competitive advantage. Head over to the healthcaretransformers blog from Roche for the full interview.